Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Tools Keynote

The tools technote opened with a 'birthday cake' for Sybase, which apparently turned 20 years old as of today.


Jonathan Baker, PowerBuilder Evangelist talked about history of PowerBuilder. Then a video was shown including Raj Nathan - Sybase Vice President and Alex Whitney - a former Sybase employee and current Sybase customer. John Strano, PowerBuilder Evangelist then talked about features of PowerBuilder 10 (just released) as well as upcoming features of PowerBuilder 11 like:

Net Transformer
Rich Internet Architecture
PowerScript Enhancements
DataWindow Enhancements (UI and functionality)
UI Enhancements
SOA Support via Enhanced Web Services

Jonathan Baker

He then performed a demonstartion of the XML DataWindow in PB10, and TablePC support coming in PB 10.1 (such as the new ink picture control and the new signature control).

That was followed by another video of Kathleen Schaub, VP of Marketing (Sybase has marketing?) and Alex again.

Ian Thain then talked about Pocket PowerBuilder 1.5.2 and features coming in PocketBuilder 2.0, including: Phone enabling, SmartPhone support, ADO.Net support, Remote Debugging, Native Controls for New HardWare and WM2003-SE support. Finally, Ian did a demo of PocketBuilder.

Ian Thain

A video of Niel McGovern, Directory of Strategy, XcellNet was then shown, after which Shari Freeman, Manager of Afaria talked about their product (Afaria is a XcellNet product, and XcellNet is a recent Sybase acquisition).

There was then a video of Dimitri Volkman -- worldwide product line director, Sybase Enterprise Products and Technologies, Tools -- talking about PowerDesigner features and Mike Nicewarner, PowerDesigner customer.

Dave Dichman, product manager and Mat Cleason, product evangelist demonstrated PowerDesigner 10 follwed by a video of Raj talking about PowerBuilder and PowerDesigner and Jim Sheehan, PowerObjects, a Sybase VAR.


Dave Fish, PowerBuilder Specialist, talking about "DataWindows Everywhere" followed by a demo of DataWindow.Net. Version 1.5 of DataWindow.Net will add support for web forms and dot notation -- the beta of which will start by end of this year. DataWindow.Net 2.0 will add support for DataSets, the incorporation of the DataWindow Designer into the IDE, and support for .Net 2.0 when it becomes available. DataWindow.Net 2.0 is planned for release by the end of 2005.


Dave also indicated that PowerBuilder 11+ (also by the end of 2005) will also provide support for generation of WebForms and WindowForms in .Net.

Then there was a video of Irfan talking about Appeon and Web DataWindow and Dean Jones of PowerObjects talking about their success with Sybase products, including Appeon. Jeff ? and Rex Gressler then did demo of the web datawindow and Appeon.

Appeon Demo

Johnathan Baker talked about "Street Team", a program designed to reward people for contributing to SDN.

Raj Nathan came out to talk and brought out Sue Dunnell. He talked about the future of PowerBuilder, PowerDesigner, and other tools.

Raj and Sue

One thing on his slides that weren't on the slides shown by other providers was a PBVM for Linux:

9 Q4 2005
10 Q1 2005

Beta at end of this year or 1Q 2005 for a Java centric (Eclipsed based) development center (Sybase Workspace).

At the end of the session, Raj and a number of Sybase staffers threw "Streat Team" t-shirts into the audience.

Street Team

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Helmut Katherl said...

Hallo Mr. dave fish,

i have seen you (i think 2002 or 2003) in austria.
I asket you, whan will Powerbuilder have autosize height in all bands.
Now, i found (google search), that in powerbuilder 11 this case is solved.

Please please give me a answer, when pb11 is ready to by and
is PB11 in the techwave 2005 in Vegas ???
If yes, i will visit the techwave.

Tank you very much for your answer to me.

Helmut Katherl