Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Database Keynote

One big improvement this year. Instead of trying to do the database and tools keynotes in a single session, they split them up this year. The database keynote was on Tuesday morning and the tools keynote will be on Wednesday.

The database keynote was introduced by Raj Nathan, who was followed by by Tom Rabon, Executive VP of Corporate Affairs for Red Hat, who talked about their relationship with Sybase.

Raj delivering keynote

Red Hat speaking during keynote

Irfan Khan, Director of Evangelism for Sybase, then discussed new features and options in upcoming ASE versions such as Dynamic Archiving and Dynamic Auditing. A demonstration of some of those new features was then done by Javier Cuerva, a Sybase Envangelist.

Irfan giving update

ASE features demo

On the iAnywhere side, Dave Nuedoeffer(sp?) discussed new features in a number of the iAnywhere products such as Server Initiated Sychronization. Then Alex Reif(sp?) gave a demo of some of those new features.

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