Saturday, August 14, 2004

Getting to TechWave

Comared to a lot of the other folks here, I got in pretty easy. My flight wasn't delayed at all, and my shuttle from the airport to the convention center arrived within minutes of my obtaining the ticket. A number of the other people trying to get here had to take alternate flights into Tamp Bay or even Atlanta and then drive in. I've also heard of people having to wait an hour or more for a shuttle from the airport.

If you're going to be flying between California, Nevada, Georgia, Florida, Mass., New York, Conn. make sure you look at Song Airlines. They're operated by Delta, but there are totally unlike any other airline I've ever flown. Each seat has a tv monitor with a personal choice of 24 tv stations, 2 movies or 24 music channels. You can also play games with other passangers in the plane or get real-time flight information. And instead of a limited choice of meals, they provide you with a menu which you get to select from with rather creative choices.

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