Thursday, September 21, 2023

Elevate 2023

The Appeon website now provides information on Elevate 2023.  It will be a one-day online event on November 20th.  Registration opens on October 17th.


Lynt said...

Hi Bruce
How can I contact you regarding a question about a prior conference?

Bruce Armstrong said...

You can leave a comment here. Or, if it's relevant, ask over in the Appeon Community Q&A section:

Lynt said...

Bruce I am looking for the content of a prior conference the name of the presenter was Georg Brodbeck and the session had to do with advanced Drag Drop functionality in Powerbuilder, the talk came with a download of sample code and I cannot find the sample code anywhere. I was wondering if you would know how to contact Georg?

Bruce Armstrong said...

Georg is a fellow Appeon MVP:

Last I heard he still works for

You're talking about this session:

I've give the post you put in the Appeon Community Q&A a bit to see if anybody responds.