Monday, May 25, 2015

"The PowerBuilder Toolkit"? Your guess is as good as mine....

Found what appears to be a training resource for PowerBuilder today.

What they show on the cover though is an image of a "Power Builder Bee * R Rev Racing Rev Limiter", a device used in high performance cars to cut the ignition during racing when the engine RPM hits the red line.

Perhaps the cover is some sort of joke.  I found a "Guide to Password Use in WebSphere Application Toolkit" on the same site that uses a cover from Doctor Who magazine as the image.

Anybody familiar with the product?


Unknown said...

Hi Bruce,

I just want to thank you for the information you posted regarding the tool to
make 32bit apps utilize 4gb memory.

(This is the link to the thread:
It works perfectly with pb 12.5.2 generated executables.

I think this information is vital to a lot of people running into memory issues
and I trust that you can reach out and make the information general available.


Very best regards
Steen Jakobsen

Bruce Armstrong said...

I'd actually already referenced that here on my blog earlier: