Monday, November 17, 2014

Highlights from VSCONNECT - Day Two

One other announcements from Day One that got overshadowed by some of the major announcements.

Visual Studio 2015 Preview is available, which includes:
  •    a preview of .Net 2015
  •    a preview of ASP.Net 5
  •    an Android emulator for Visual Studio.
A pretty good summary of the preview is available here.

This slide was shown in a discussion of ASP.Net 5, but it's applicable to the broader .Net development environment.  The middle column represents the layers.  The left column represents .Net development prior to the VSCONNECT announcements.  The right column represents .Net development after the VSCONNECT announcements.

Note that platform specific sections of .Net are not being open sources (i.e., WPF).

Here's another important diagram from the announcements.

Which is a lot more comforting to .Net developers than their last rather famous diagram from Build in 2011.

There's some pretty good analysis of the announcements on iProgrammer here and here.

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Unknown said...

I think this is great news. I just came back from DevIntersection and saw more JavaScript than I care to look at. The .Net water is much warmer to me. Thanks for the links.