Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Highlights from VSCONNECT - Day One

While most people were watching a EAS land a probe on a comet, I was watching the first day of VSCONNECT.   It was a bit of information overload, but here's the main things I got:

  • Future versions of the .Net Framework will be named based on the year they are released.  For example, the next version will be called .Net 2015.
  • The source code for the .Net Framework will be open sourced.  The core portions of it are already available on Microsoft's GitHub server.
  • The core .Net Framework has been ported to Linux and OSX.
  • A new edition of VS.Net, called the community edition is now available free of charge to individual developers and small development groups.  It is not an express version of VS, but a full featured version that can be used for production development   Licensing is only required for "enterprise use".

More details on the announcements in day one can be found here and here.  Recordings of the webcast can be found here.

During the "halftime show" there were a lot of questions about the future of WPF.  That has been responded to in a blog post here.

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