Friday, May 31, 2013

How to Use Pre-Compiled PowerBuilder.Net Assemblies

Another video I did for the SAP Database & Technology Academy.  For now I've uploaded to my own YouTube account, I'll update the blog when it gets posted in the Academy.

PB Assemblies are a new target type added in PowerBuilder.Net 12.5.  It addresses the need to be able to share framework libraries between PowerBuilder.Net targets (e.g., PFC).  Beginning with 12.1, it was possible to compile those framework libraries as a .Net Assembly, but that took a bit of work in order to resolve circular references and dealing with global variables.  With the addition of the PB Assembly, sharing framework libraries between PowerBuilder.Net applications became quite simple.

Credit has to go out to Yakov Werde, whose article in PBDJ on the topic was instrumental in helping me put the sample and the video together.

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