Wednesday, October 17, 2012

PowerBuilder Developer Roadmap

Sue Dunnell presented the PowerBuilder Developer Roadmap at the PowerBuilder Developer's Conference at SAP TechEd earlier this week.  It was similar to the roadmap that was presented earlier this month in the webcast.  As at the webcast, the enhancements that were planned were broken up into two categories: "Near Term" and "Future Innovation".  It appears those are standard categories for SAP product roadmaps, SAP doesn't give planned release dates or versions that enhancements will be included in their products.   I saw the similar categories (and lack of specifics on release dates or versions) at other SAP product roadmap sessions at TechEd.

P1020559 (Custom).JPG
In the case of PowerBuilder, the enhancements were also designed in color to represent those that were "Original Plan of Record" and those that were "Additions to the Plan" as a result of SAP's growing involvement in the product.  The one major difference here from the webcast earlier this month was the addition of "PowerBuilder Classic enhancements" as "Mid-Term" and "Original Plan of Record" enhancements.  I believe that indicates that their not being included in the webcast was simply an oversight.  In particular, John Strano later demoed some of the PowerBuilder Classic enhancements that we've been shown before in road shows, particularly docking windows.

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