Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Beirut - Day 8

We're back to a regular ministry schedule today. Breakfast at 8, team meeting at 9, then gather in the 'ready room' at 10 before we go out in the street to witness, pray for people, and pass out flyers for the service tonight.

I headed out with Pastor Kelly and a couple of interpreters. The first people we stopped to talk to weren't particularly responsive, but then we stopped to talk to 4 youth and I led them to Jesus. A short time later we came across a young woman walking with two children and two dogs and Pastor Kelly led her to Jesus. One of her children had a birthday today, so we went with her down the street a bit to a store and bought her kids some ice cream to celebrate. A while after that we ran into a couple more youth, and I led them to Jesus. Then we returned to the church for lunch.

To date, the team as a whole has lead 75 people to Jesus while witnessing on the street, and we say over 100 children plus some adults who accepted Christ during the group alter call at the Karamess.

After lunch, and before we went back out in the streets again that afternoon, Dave and I prayed with the members of the youth group that were leaving for camp.

In the afternoon session, I went out with Rodgett and within a few minutes we found four youth in a park and led them to Jesus. We talked with a number of other people, including people that we had talked to earlier in the week. We talked with one couple where the wife make an initial committment to Jesus and we prayed for the husband's assurance of salvation. We wrapped with a couple of young mom's, one again that was a new commitment and the other an assurance of salvation.

Returned to the compound for a fish dinner and then the service with the local church. Our pastor taught on how we wanted to pray for them to empower them to continue on the work that we had done while we were there. Our pastor washed the feet of the pastor of the local church, and then prayed for him and his wife. We then had people come up if they wanted to recieve prayer from our team.

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