Saturday, November 12, 2011

QweryBuilder 7.1.0 is now available for download

QweryBuilder 7.1.0 is available here:

New features and bug fixes:

  • Performance improvements for Sybase ASE data retrieval.

  • Hard to resize columns in table popup window because of the new drag and drop functionality.

  • Error in debugger window.

  • Sorting 30000 datetime values takes too long.

  • When sorting a char field I noticed that it will just stick null values in between real data.

  • Long loops for Sybase connections take a long time to run.

  • Don't display intellisense after the FROM keyword if developer is trying to type the name of a temp table.

  • Create Table from Results, use the same case for column names.

  • Use machine registry key for some parts of the application that should be shared across users.

  • Display "[NULL]" for null values in criteria query results.

  • Allow developer to copy columns from table popup (F2).

  • In table popup window, allow user to select using ctrl and arrow keys.

  • I'd like to be able to right-click a table name and have the option to View/Edit Data or Select Data, just like the Object Browser has. Would save a lot of clicks.

  • Font size doesn't populate when opening the Font dialog for Result and Editor font options.

  • Invalid DDL extract for Sybase tables with regards to primary key being defined in the table declaration.

  • Dynamically set result row height based on the font size.

  • When opening a Graphic Query file (.qry), the SELECT list is not being populated.

  • There are resize issues under Windows 7 64 bit

  • The HTML editor that displays when clicking on a HTML text column caused the application to fail when the Close With Return option was selected.

  • Add context help to data source registration window so developers know exactly what is needed to connect to oracle.

  • Sybase ASE and SQL Server, add Begin Trans, Rollback and Commit buttons.

  • In the table view where it lists all the tables it'd be really nice if you could do a right click and select all from a particular table.

  • Enhance Data Transfer feature so Views can be the source as well as Tables.

  • For Sybase, "I/O Statistics ON" didn't report stats for the last statement executed, or none if one statement was executed.

  • QB errors when trying to open a .qry (graphic query) file.

  • For SQL Anywhere, output parameters were not displaying in the stored procedure run dialog.

  • For Sybase ASE 15, support USmallInt datatype.

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