Monday, May 17, 2010

Notes from Sybase Developer Days

I wasn't so much focused on what they were demonstrating for PowerBuilder 12 as I was for what they were saying publicly about their plans for the future now that PowerBuilder 12 is out.  There was actually quite a bit of good information in this regard, including a roadmap slide (with standard disclaimers applying), a portion of which I've provided below.

.Net Platform SupportEnhanced WCF

.Net 4.0

VS 2010

.Net Framework update
Open DevelopmentPowerBuilder in the Cloud

REST based web services
Easiest Application Development for .NetUsability enhancements

Refactoring support
Mobile targets
Technology DifferentiatorsCVUO as assemblies

Sharepoint support – DataWindow

Win32 DataWindow Enhancements
DataWindow and Entity Framework

Other items of interest

  • Multi-touch support is built into WPF, all you need is the hardware to support it

  • Looking at support for XBAP (Xaml Browser Application) as a way of deploying WCF apps until they have Silverlight support.

  • Planning to support a visual user object control, so that PowerBuilder generated visual objects can be used by other .Net applications

  • REST web services are not officially supported yet, but Dave demonstrated an application using it through some add on code

  • They are talking about enhancing Infomaker to get it to the web and make it easier to use for end users

Some multimedia from the event:

Dave Fish demonstrating an SMS, email, voice mail messaging app developed with PowerBuilder.Net.

John Strano demonstrating the power of WPF enabled through PowerBuilder.Net.

Some pictures from the event:


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