Thursday, May 06, 2010

Flex on the iPhone

What do the following 3 images have in common (beside being butt-ugly, which is a result of my meager design skills)?

If you said they're from the same "Hello World" application, you'd be largely correct.  The first is a Flash application generated from Flex Builder running in a web browser.  The second is a somewhat modified version of the same application running as a native application on a Windows Mobile 6.1 device.  The third is that same modified version running as a native application on an iPhone.

How's that possible?  I'm using a beta of ELIPS Studio 3 from Open Plug.   Hopefully my mentioning that doesn't violate my beta agreement.  Frankly, I'm more worried that the folks at Apple will find out I'm doing something that could potentially violate their developer agreement, and that I'll end up with black helicopters circulating my house as a result.

In any event, since I do Flash development in Flex Builder rather than Creative Studio, this looks like a much more viable option for me to get to the iPhone than CS5.  Still boning up on Objective-C and Xcode anyway, just in case.

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