Friday, November 27, 2009

Some interesting stuff from Microsoft for us Windows Mobile users

The first is Windows Marketplace, the Windows Mobile version of the iPhone App Store.  The second is MyPhone.   Besides the link that Microsoft sent me, it also appeared as the most populate download on the Windows Marketplace.  Most of the features aren't really that valuable to me.  The one I find particularly intriguing -- since I misplace my phone so often -- is the Find My Phone option.  The "find currently location" feature seems somewhat useful (usually when I misplace my phone I already know the general vicinity of where I left it, like in my house somewhere).  The one that looks primarily useful is the "ring my phone" feature.  In particular, it's the ability to force the phone into audible mode for the ring even when the phone is sent to silent or vibrate.  Typicallly, when I misplace my phone that's the setting it's on, so calling it from another phone hasn't been entirely helpful.

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