Tuesday, June 12, 2007

PowerBuilder 11 Released

Sybase announced the availability of Sybase PowerBuilder 11, the premier 4GL rapid application development (RAD) tool. Building on its strength in quickly developing data-driven applications necessary to critical business functions, PowerBuilder 11 provides PowerBuilder developers with the simplest, easiest and most cost-effective way to deploy applications on the .NET platform.  PowerBuilder 11 dramatically simplifies .NET development and is part of Sybase's plan to deliver robust support for the .NET framework. With this release, PowerBuilder 11 provides developers the flexibility to deploy applications as .NET Windows Forms, Web Forms, and .NET Smart Clients, as well as develop traditional client server business applications and Web Services.  PowerBuilder 11 continues to support integration with J2EE environments and Win32 applications. Integration with the leading development platforms provides a more open, flexible environment for developers with heterogeneous platform requirements. PowerBuilder also offers increased productivity as it enables less complex coding and shorter development cycles than applications built with 3GL level tools.

New features in PowerBuilder 11 include the following capabilities:

*  Deploy PowerBuilder non-visual objects (NVOs) as .NET assemblies and .NET Smart Client applications

*  Deploy PowerBuilder NVOs as Web Services and PowerBuilder applications to the Web quickly using ASP.NET

*  Support for Microsoft SQL Server SNC and Oracle 10g RAC

*  Ability to use Web Services as a data source for DataWindow

New licenses for PowerBuilder 11 start at $2,995, with updates to older versions of PowerBuilder beginning at $1,495. For additional product information, or to place an order, please call 1-800-8-SYBASE, or visit: http://www.sybase.com/powerbuilder.

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