Saturday, June 09, 2007

PBDelta 5.2.4

PowerBuilder Developer's Resource (PBDR) released version 5.2.4 of PBDelta.  The new version includes a number of fixes:

*  Added a check to the workspace/target processing to only include targets that exist.
* Fixed a bug in the source parser, if an object name ended in structure the event control definition was not parsed correctly.
* Changed the Unicode version back to standard menus. An odd flicker on the toolbars occurred with the new contemporary menus.
* Fixed a bug in the merge routines. If the command line switch was used for mangled file names then this was not carried through to the merge. Merged objects using mangled file names should now work fine.
* Enhanced the DW Key Feature of Retrieve to show stored procedures when no select statement.
* Enhanced the DW Key Features to format the retrieve statement based on the type of retrieve. A manually typed retrieve should be restored to how it was typed, a PBSELECT will be formatted using rules to make it easier to read.
* Changed the DW Key Features default preference to be switched on.
* Added a one time check to the startup to ask if the DW Key Features should be enabled.

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