Thursday, May 16, 2019

Webcast: PowerBuilder 2019 Release

In this official Appeon webinar, Appeon will walk you through the key new features of PowerBuilder 2019, with a special focus on codeless enhancement of application UI and a practical approach to cloudify (a little or a lot) your existing projects. This webinar includes quick-start tutorials and a Q&A session so you are ready to benefit from PowerBuilder 2019 in the shortest amount of time. Join us at this live event to get valuable knowledge in an action-packed 60 minutes!

Recording of the Webcast will be sent to all registrants, so we recommend you register even if you can’t attend. 

Presenters: Armeen Mazda, Appeon CEO; Bruce Armstrong, Appeon MVP


Rod Biddulph said...

Bruce, Sorry to have to reachout via a comment but any chance of updating PBPaste to work with Appeon PB or releasing the source?
- Rod

Bruce Armstrong said...

PBPaste is a PBDR project. If anybody was going to release the source code they would have to do it, not Appeon. Given that they charge money for it, I don't think that's going to happen anytime soon.

It would also be PBDR that would need to update it to work with the latest version of the PowerBuilder product. I haven't used it for some time. Does it not work anymore?

Benjamin Daniels said...

Hi Bruce, Yes PBPaste not working with PowerBUilder 2019. I'm currently looking for altarnative (or get PBPaste to work wit 2019). It's a really nice tool.


Bruce Armstrong said...

Depending on what you were using PBPaste for, NotepadPB might work as a replacement.