Monday, July 25, 2016


I created a 12.6 build of PBNISMTP back in April of 2015 but never updated the downloads or source code.  That's been corrected.

More recently, I moved the project to VS2015.  It has also been updated to the most recent version of CPJNSMTPConnection (3.17). The VS2008 code is still available but will no longer be maintained.

Since CPJNSMTPConnection is dependant on CWSocket I updated that to the latest version as well (3.17),  The new version on CPJNSMTPConnection also no longer references OpenSSL, but instead uses SSLWrappers  and CryptoWrappers

I did have to make one minor change to CWSocket. For some reason, CPJNSMTPConnection was still calling a Delete method on CWSocket that had been removed in the latest version. I added a noop Delete method so that the code would continue to compile.

The only PowerBuilder sample provided is for PowerBuilder 12.6. If you want to use the utility with an earlier version of PowerBuilder you will need to download the C++ source and compile it referencing the PBNI/SDK files for that release.

Note that the PBX files are significantly larger than they were when VS2008 was used to compile them. That's because of a change that Microsoft made in the way files that dynamically link to MFC are compiled starting in VS2010.

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