Tuesday, June 09, 2015

PowerBuilder TV Webinar: Scorever (formerly YouHoops): Designing and Delivering a Cloud-Based Mobile Scorekeeping Solution with SAP PowerBuilder and Appeon

Date: TBA
Presenter: Ronnie Po

With the arrival of Appeon Mobile, developers can now create native apps for today’s mobile devices while leveraging the unique productivity advantages of PowerBuilder. However, the task of delivering an engaging user experience on a mobile device presents unique challenges compared to the traditional client-server or web-driven desktop environment.  In this session, Ronnie Po will present a case study about the development and implementation of Scorever (formerly YouHoops), a mobile scorekeeping and scoreboard controller application for basketball games, built with PowerBuilder and deployed to the cloud using Appeon Mobile. He will discuss some of the technical challenges encountered and will reveal some tips and tricks employed to address considerations such as:

  • creating an app-like user experience
  • managing user sessions transparently
  • minimizing the distraction of inconsistent server response times

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