Thursday, May 01, 2014

A collection of PowerBuilder resources

  • All of my PowerBuilder samples, including the source code for the demos I've done at various conferences are available in the PowerBuilder Samples folder on my Google Drive:
  • The PowerBuilder Developer's Journal may have gone away, but I'm going a free "magazine" on FlipBoard. It's basically just collection of articles from all over the internet on PowerBuilder:
  • I've done a number of videos for the SAP Database and Technology Academy. The PowerBuilder related videos, including mine, are available at: 
  • I've done a number of webinars for PowerBuilder.TV. The archives of the webinars related to PowerBuilder, including mine, are available at:
  • Also, don't forget the PowerBuilder Developer Center, where a bunch of us hang out to answer questions, write blogs and documents: 
  • You might also want to check out the PowerBuilder Central site. It's an attempt to collect references to different resources like this and make the available in a central location: 
  • If you're looking for PowerBuilder training, be sure to check out Yakov Werde's training offerings (as well as his consulting services) at:

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