Tuesday, January 21, 2014

FAQ: How do I learn more about using PowerBuilder?

  • The PowerBuilder Development Center,   Thediscussions blogs, and documents like this one are one way to learn more about using PowerBuilder.  There are a number of other options as well:
  • ELearnIT offers online video series with workshops.  More personalized training is also available through GoToMeeting or onsite training. 
  • PowerBuilder.TV offers a number of PowerBuilder related webinars monthly and has an archive of previous webinars. 
  • SAP has a Database and Tools Academy on Youtube with a number of videos on using PowerBuilder. 
  • For 20 years, the PowerBuilder Developer's Journal printed a monthly magazine with articles about PowerBuilder and related technologies.  The magazine ceased publication in early 2013, but archives of many of it's articles are available online. 
  • ISUG-TECH is the international SAP user group that focuses on technical users.  They offer a monthly magazine that includes PowerBuilder, a special interest group forum for PowerBuilder, a discount on ELearnIT training reference above as well as local user group meetings and conferences.

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