Friday, December 06, 2013

More from the PowerBuilder User Group Germany

Here's a rather poor video of the discussion about SAP's commitment to PowerBuilder:

SAP recorded their own video using much better video and audio recording equipment than I used.  Hopefully they'll post it online somewhere as well later.

Also, on Wednesday during the workshop there was a short demonstration of PowerBuilder 15.  I've included screenshots of the new Classic (which will likely be renamed to Native):

And PowerBuilder.Net

Finally, here's a shot of the attendees on the first day, quite a packed house.


Unknown said...

The video quality is fine but it looks like it ends before he finishes his presentation. The IDE pix aren't showing up in my browser. That may be an IE issue.

Bruce Armstrong said...

I've got more video. However, Vimeo only allows me to upload 5GB each week. So I won't be able to post more until this Friday.

The pictures are coming up for me fine in IE and Chrome. They're hosted in Fotki, so they might have been having problems when you first tried.

Unknown said...

It must have something to do with the firewall at work. I installed Chrome and can't see them with it either.