Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Well, I got one thing right anyway...

I commented in a PBDJ article a while back that:
That's when I had an epiphany. Windows 8 might actually make sense. It runs on both ARM and x86 processors. It has desktop and Metro (mobile) modes. It includes virtualization. Perhaps Microsoft is thinking ahead to a time when we don't need an operating system that can deploy to different devices, but an operating system that can deploy to a single device that has a number of different form factors.
Microsoft recently confirmed that is something that they are trying to accomplish.  Not specifically with Windows 8, but Windows 8 does seem to be a step in that direction.

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Rich Bianco (aka, DisplacedGuy ) said...

Bruce, I'm starting to wonder the same exact thing. As I grudgingly use Win8 start to see "what were they thinking". I remember when I was going to college working part time at a Sam's Club and a member asked if they should get Windows and I was like, "I don't see any reason you need windows when you can do what you need in DOS.", boy my vision is weak.