Thursday, February 28, 2013

Creation and Consumption of Web Services with PowerBuilder

The archive of the first of two of my PowerBuilder.TV webcast on the Creation and Consumption of Web Services with PowerBuilder is available.  The webcast examines some of the recent improvements in PowerBuilder 12.5 for the creation and consumption of web services, with emphasis on:

  • The new WCF client in PowerBuilder.Net
  • The new WCF service type in Powerbuilder.Net
  • The new REST client in Powerbuilder.Net

Note that a PowerBuilder.TV account (which is free of charge) is required to access the webcast.  It was a repeat of the session I gave at the PowerBuilder Developer Conference that was co-hosted with SAP TechEd 2012.  The sample code used as well as the PowerPoint slides are available on my Google Drive

The second webcast focused on providing WCF capability in PowerBuilder Classic by wrapping the WCF Client created in PowerBuilder.Net in a .Net assembly created in PowerBuilder.Net and then accessing that through a COM Callable Wrapper (CCW).  A link to that archive of that presentation will be provided as soon as it is available.

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