Thursday, March 08, 2012

March San Diego Flex User Group Meeting

April meeting will be a dry run through of a Adobe Max presentation showing an app developed and deployed on 5 or 6 different mobile devices

This meeting was a presentation by Greg Wilson of Adobe and Jeff Tapper of Spoon.  It was the type of information that should have been originally presented when Flex was released to open source four months ago.

Greg Wilson, Flex Evangelist ( - @GregRamblings)

Adobe doesn't allow products to come in and die. It requires several contributors. In addition to Adobe there is American Airlines, Team Mobile, JP Morgan Stanley, and others.

Adobe Flex is currently in incubator status. You have to have release and meet some other criteria to move on.

Adobe has stated their continuing support for Flex:

What got contibuted (or is about to be contributed)

  • Core SDK

  • Advanced Data Visualization Components (soon)

  • Documentation (in process)

  • New Spark Components (not yet released) - weren't ready for 4.6 release

    • ViewStack

    • Accordion

    • DateField

    • DateChooser

    • Enhanced DataGrid

  • Full Time Engineers (US Based) Carol Frampton, Alex Hurui(sp) amoung others

  • New Actionscript Compiler (Falcon - Q4)

  • Falcon JS - Converts ActionScript to JavaScript (experimental phase)

  • Mustella - testing framework used by Adobe internally

  • BlazeDS

Flash Builder work continues

  • Abobe pland to maintain support for Flex projects in updates to Flash Builder 4.x including additional work to ensure Apache Flex based SDKs can work in Flash Builder.

  • Adobe to evaluate integrating an Apache derived Falcon MXML compiler into Flash Builder if and when a suitable compiler is available from the open source project

  • In order to better support future Apache derived Flex SDKs, Design View, Data Centric Development tools and Flash Catalyst workflows will be removed in updated 4.x versions of Flash Builder.

Runtime Support

  • Desktop

    • Adobe is committed to Flash Player and AIR

  • Mobile

    • Adobe will not longer develop Flash Player in the mobile browser

    • Adobe is committed to Adobe AIR on current and future devices and OS updates including iOS5, iPhone5, iPad 3 and Android Ice Cream Sandwich

Adobe will test future releases of Flash Player and AIR against the Flex 4.6 SDK and maintain backwards compatibiltiy for five years ( November 2016)

Counting on browser support on mobile devices is risky. However, we have AIR support for all devices now.

Jeff Tapper - Spoon project

About 25 or 30 people have commit rights. Anybody can sumbit code through Jira and a committer can then commit that code.

Project Management Committee (PMC) - Get to decide what goes in the trunk

Meritocratic - whoever is actively working on it gets decision roles

Release - PMC votes on the features that will be included ( +1, 0, -1 ). In order to make a release, a feature has to have a net +3

Commits to truck prior to release - same voting, but a single -1 blocks the commit.

Much more frequent releases

More more control over direction of the product

Spoon was created in order to help Adobe deal with all the source code change submission they were receiving after they open sources the SDK with 3.0 was released.

After the Flexapocalypse, Spoon moves into much of the area that Adobe used to manage. Adobe remains responsible for Tooling, Runtimes and AS language enhancements

Any member of PMC can call for a vote. It all happens on the mailing list.

Apache web server never had more than 13 active committers.

Find a bug, submit the code that is supposed to fix it, do it often enough and eventually they'll make you a committer.

Commit can be documentation as well. Apache actually requires that there is documentation to go with the release.

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