Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Major upgrade to PBDelta

A major upgrade of PBDelta has been released. As part of the major redevelopment PBDelta has been renamed to ProDiff for PowerBuilder. ProDiff incorporates all the best features of PBDelta and expands with a new set of up to date features:

  • PB12 Dot Net Support: ProDiff fully supports all the new PB12 Dot Net language features such as; interfaces, properties, indexors, namespaces and xaml. Support for .pblx library files and PB12 Dot Net Targets and Workspaces

  • Syntax Colour Coding: ProDiff supports syntax highlighting of PowerBuilder, XML and INI Files with more file types to come

  • XML/XAML Support: ProDiff fully supports xml diffs including an xml parser which pretty prints the xml before the compare takes place making it much more accurate. Enhanced XAML support ensures reorganised elements are still accurately identified and compared to ensure no false positives

  • SDI Mode: ProDiff features a new fast starting Single file mode tailored for integration with source control systems and there are articles on the web site to explain how to integrate ProDiff with leading source control systems

  • Inline Modified Line Compare: ProDiff will automatically perform a Line Compare showing the differences within a modified line as part of the main file difference

  • Improved Diff Engine: The difference engine is more accurate and 4 - 5 times more performant over the previous version

  • Vista/Windows 7 Support: ProDiff supports file drag and drop, alpha transparency icons, crumb bar, glass, OS specific icons and numerous other improved touches.

You can find detailed information including screen shots of some of these new features at www.pro-diff.com. All Software from PBDR is available via an unrestricted try before you buy download.  PBDR also has a new RSS feed where ProDiff announcements are posted which can be subscribed to from the main ProDiff homepage.


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