Tuesday, April 20, 2010

PowerBuilder 12.0 released


Main new features, in case you haven't been following this, are:

  • Two IDEs, the Classic (32bit) IDE and the new .Net IDE based on the Visual Studio Isolated Shell

  • The WPF DataWindow

  • Fully managed code at runtime

  • WPF Application target type (.NET IDE)

  • WPF Window and WCF Client Proxy project types (.NET IDE)

  • Compliance with .NET Common Language Specification (CLS) for comprehensive .NET language support and interoperability

  • Runtime packager enhancements to support generation of Microsoft Merge (MSM file)

  • Intellisense autoscripting support for PowerBuilder objects,  .NET classes and DataWindow object columns and controls

  • Support for Tracepoints in debugging, running specified functions on the call stack, popup windows to enable easy display of variables and property values of PowerBuilder and .NET objects

  • WPF Visual Inheritance

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