Tuesday, January 19, 2010

More on the move to Windows 7...

As you might be able to tell from my earlier post, I've started a move to Windows 7.  The first one was an in-place migration from Vista on my XPS laptop.  I'll be doing a migration from a Windows XP to a new Window 7 desktop a bit later this month.

Two immediate changes I needed to make after the move to Vista:

1.  I had been using DAEMON Tools Lite (and not been all that happy with it) to support mounting of ISO image files.  I didn't find the latest version Windows 7 compliant, although they claim it is.  Fortunately that forced me to look around, and I found a much better product in Virtual CloneDrive, which works great under Windows 7.

2.  The best that I can say about the Windows 7 login screen is that it sucks in a major way.  Fortunately, it's customizable, though it takes a registry tweak to enable that.  I didn't bother providing a different image for the different resolutions though, providing one image as "backgroundDefault.jpg" and letting Windows stretch it to fit works fine for me.

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