Thursday, July 09, 2009

Latest meeting

Finally made a meeting of the LA Flex User Group.   They tend to hold their meetings on Wednesdays, which only works for me during the summer, so there's only about 3 meetings a year I can really attend.

There was a power outage in the area, so the first thing I learned on the way over is that few people in Los Angeles know how to perform a 4 way stop correctly.  I took surface street to avoid the nightmare of the 405.  Guess that didn't quite work out.

In any event, they had technical troubles with the presentation, so they didn't start until after I arrived late anyway.  The main event of the evening was an introduction to the beta of Flash Catalyst.  I had looked at this product earlier when it was Thermo, and I wasn't particularly impressed then.  It's come a long way.  It's like they took a 4GL and split it in half.  Catalyst is the true GUI design tool, and Flash Builder (formerly known as Flex Builder) is the 3GL coding tool you use to implement the logic behind the GUI.

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