Tuesday, December 04, 2007

PBL Peeper 4.0.2

PBL Peeper 4.0.2 has been released, with:

* Command line parms
* takes a bare *.DBG file, loading the "current" application
* takes /INDEX by itself or /INDEX:*, both indexing everything

* File / New
* Ctrl-N shortcut added
* Tools are available from File / New

* Browser
* Treeview now has "Find in this object" context menu item
* MLE has new context menu items
* QuickFind
* Find in this object
* Find elsewhere in app

* Find: New option to output only final total counts (rich text output only)

* In the Trace viewer, the microhelp now shows the script name

* Improved SQL formatting
* formatting of CASE statements
* formatting of parenthesized compound logical expressions
* subqueries in WHERE clauses broken out more clearly

* Improved SQL parsing (will affect things like DB Column Usage report)
* handling of outer join syntaxes
* improved handling of logical expressions
* handling of bracket enclosed identifiers

* Performance improvements
* DB Column Usage report significantly faster
* Some RTE output (e.g. Find) faster
* Miscellaneous minor performance improvements

And, for those that haven't seen 4.0.0 yet:

New Features

* Unified version. Now one version of PBL Peeper will deal with all versions of PowerBuilder!

* Command line parameters to load an application can be qualified with the /PBVER parameter.

* Lists / Scripts / View / Show / Line Counts will give you the option of counting comment lines and blank lines

* QuickFilter instantly filters based on the value of the current row/column selected.

* New list of containers (PBLs, export folders)

* A new way to select applications, the Grid interface retains the filter and sort between application runs, so you can keep your primary applications at the top of the list, or sorted how you like, or found with Find or QuickFind.

* New Reports
* DWObject Expressions: Lists attributes of DW Objects that have expressions
* Orphaned ItemChanged: Report columns in ItemChanged events with non-visible columns or columns with no UI presence.

* New Processor
* Synchronize DataWindow Edit.Limit: Synchronizes any non-zero edit.limit attribute in DataWindow char columns to the length of the
data element.

* Rich text output can now be saved as Word, HTML or PDF files.

* View / Reset Splitters (or double-clicking the splitters) will reset the positions of its adjacent controls if it becomes incorrectly positioned.

* Browse RMB:
Jump from DataWindow UI column to data set column
Find one or more strings in the selected object
Find the current object elsewhere in the application

* Lists / DW Columns / View / Show / UI Elements shows the UI columns linked to a data set column

* Refresh App: Allows you to reset all the indexing of your selected application if the contents of the objects change since the time you
loaded the application.


* GUI Enhancements. More new icons

* Application compare will work much faster for cases where most objects haven't changed

* Command line parameter /INITPAGE now accepts subpages, delimited by a backslash (e.g. /INITPAGE:Lists\Scripts)

* Performance enhancements, particularly indexing DataWindows.

* Improved SQL parsing and formatting, including ANSI outer joins.

* When browsing the trace treeview, the stack depth is displayed in the status area.

* Moved the Find qualifiers to search comments and quotes to the item level. Different Find strings can now be individually included or excluded from comments and string searches.

* When a Find is initiated with an Object Filter active and no matches are found, you are prompted with the option to repeat the search without the filter.

* Most reports (where it makes sense) respect the Object Filter:
* Application Print
* Comments Extract
* DataWindow SQL
* Embedded SQL Extract
* MultiTable Registry Stmts
* Verify DW SQL

* Other types of PowerScript targets new in PB11 will be loaded into the PBLs treeview.

* Versions of PowerBuilder loaded into the PBLs treeview is no longer constrained by the version of PowerBuilder used to compile PBL Peeper.

* DataWindow SQL report now provides options to print data set and to page break between DataWindows.

* Database Column Usage report will now show "" when "*" is used in the SQL.

* The PBR Plus report now produces an output that lists graphics that it can't find.

* The /INITPAGE parameter now takes backslashes to indicate subpages (e.g. LISTS\SCRIPTS will start you on the Scripts subpage)

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