Tuesday, December 12, 2006

DataWindow.Net 2.5 Beta is open

New features include:

DataWindow Designer Visual Studio Plug-in
This is a set of plug-ins for Microsoft Visual Studio 2005. It gives users the ability to design DataWindow objects directly in Visual Studio instead of in the standalone DataWindow Designer from the previous versions. The standalone DataWindow Designer will not be distributed with DataWindow .NET 2.5.

The following modules are available as plugins:
• DataWindow Painter
• Database Painter
• Query Painter
• DataWindow Project plug-in integrated with the Visual Studio Solution Explorer.
The DataWindow Properties view has been rewritten to fit the Visual Studio look and feel. Minor tweaks have been made in all these modules to fit into the Visual Studio way of working.
TreeView DataWindow for Web Forms
The TreeView DataWindow for Web Forms can display hierarchical data on the Web. It can freely expand or collapse information to show or hide details. This feature will benefit DataWindow .NET developers who want to show hierarchical data on the Web.

Web Service DataWindow
The Web Service DataWindow allows the DataWindow to use a Web Service method for data retrieval. The Web Service method used for retrieval must return the data in one of the following forms:
• a simple type
• an array of simple types
• a structure made up of simple types
• an array of structures
DataWindow Development Environment Licensed with SySAM
The DataWindow Designer Plug-ins are compliant with the Sybase standard “SySAM” licensing tool.
Register at http://www.sybase.com/dwnet25beta

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