Monday, August 07, 2006

Monday’s Keynotes

John Chen thanked ISUG and TeamSybase for being here. He then thanked the event sponsors. He noted that keynote was being webcast live and made disclaimers. He also noted that board of directors are attending the event and meeting the customers.

Five Growth Areas
Explosive Data Growth
Wireless Access Ubiquity
Proliferation of Mobile Devices
Demand for Real Time Information
SOA + Mobility Development Paradigm

Showed the “butterfly slide” that shows the intersection (theme for this event) between Information Management and Information Mobility

Key elements for growth
Partner and Developers, Employess, Financial Strength, R&D innovation, Strategic Investements

Partner revenue incrased to 46% of total
1400 active partners
1500 new partner applications

200% growth since 2002

John thanked the employees and industry analysts.

Highest year over year license growth in 12 years and highest 2Q operating margin in company history. $1 billion in cash in the bank.

Four pillars (areas for R&D innovation)
Data Management
Data Integration and Analysis
Enterprise Mobility
Application Modeling and Development

Technology Investments
Discussed their acquisitions and how they fit into the long term plan. Are not involved in acquistitions in the development and modeling area because they are focused on supporting Eclipse instead.

Customer Panel
Bruce , Forbes Magazine
Brian Sullivan, AOL
Vick Patel, Bears and Sterns
Jim Jones, Cox Communications
Jody Mullkey, Shopzilla

Photos of the keynote are here.

Terry Stepien, President, Sybase iAnywhere gave the second keynote

SQL Anywhere 10 – Performance, Protection, Productivity, Data Movement
Information Anywhere Suite (Joe Owen)
Emerging Technologies (Martyn Mallick) – RFID, Mobile Device Solutions, Secure Relay Architecture (New Product)
Innovation Award Winners (Martyn Mallick)
McDonalds Corporation – Mbusiness Anywhere
Sprint Wireless (Brazil) – SQL Anywhere
FarmWizard Limited (Ireland) – Mbusines Anywhere
Tennant Company (Afaria)

Videos of the technical demos given during the iAnywhere keynote are here.


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