Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Innovate or Die - Faster

Speed up the development of those innovations
Geoffrey Moore argues that the timing of innovations is also important:

[Product Innovation] is optimal for grabbing share in high-growth markets where the category has been accepted and now it is features and functions that are driving customer preference. Time-to-market is at least as key as design imagination to success with this type.

Sybase's competitors arenĂ¢€™t standing still. In order to remain competitive, the current development cycle needs to be speeded up. As an example, DataWindow.Net 2.0 was just released. However, the functionality it adds (the ability to directly use a DataStore/DataTable) was eclipsed before it was released by the introduction of the BindingSource class in the .Net Framework 2.0 (a more abstract class that isolates .Net data controls from the actual data source). At the current schedules, PowerBuilder 12 will be released with the capability to compile to .Net about the same time that Microsoft will be releasing the next generation of the .Net Framework and Visual Studio which involve significant modifications in the user interface layer. Products that are only up to date with the last (not the current) version of the competing products arenĂ¢€™t competitive.

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