Wednesday, February 15, 2006

PowerBuilder 10.5 Launch Seminar

PowerBuilder 10.5 Launch Seminar
Lord’s Cricket Ground
London, England
March 8, 2006


09.30 Registration and refreshments

10.00 PB10.5 Features Overview and Walkthrough
Discover the new UI, toolbars from the new release of PowerBuilder.
- Treeview, a new DataWindow presentation style
- New DataWindow functionality, including autosize height on all bands
- User interface improvements with new icons, menus, toolbars, rich text control and datetime picker control
- New BYTE datatype
- Updated RDBMS support for Oracle and ASE 15
- Enhanced Web Services support for PowerBuilder clients. 10.5 has a Web Services implementation that supports .NET

11.00 Coffee break

11.15 PB for all your development
We uncover lesser known features of PowerBuilder that make your development easier. PowerBuilder Does That? - If you think PowerBuilder is all client/server, think again. PowerBuilder does distributed computing and lets you work in a J2EE environment.

- PB for Application Servers using the new PBVM plugin, enabling you to deploy PB applications with your choice of app server
- PB for Java. The JSF Datawindow will enable your Java developers to use PowerBuilder DataWindows
- PB for .NET. PowerBuilder and DataWindow .NET give you 4GL solutions to .NET development
- PB for Mobility. PocketBuilder enables you to build and deploy a mobile application in less an hour
- PB and the WEB. The WebDataWindow, did you know there is WEB authoring with PB, or Web DataWindow availability to JSP ?

12.45 Lunch

14.00 Discover the world of Lords Cricket Ground – Tour and visit to see the Ashes

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