Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Eating your own dog food

You might remember from my TechWave 2004 notes, "eating your own dog food" is my favorite means of describing a company opening using its own products in its public interface to their customers (e.g., their web site). If a company expects their customers to put faith in the utility and stability of the product, they should be showing that same confidence in the product themselves.

Well, we have another excellent example of Sybase doing that. Are you familiar with the search engine on Sybase? No, not that search engine! That was the old one that ran slowly and gave you useless results. Well, Sybase recently replaced that with a search engine built on EAServer accessing data stored in Adaptive Server Enterprise (which, incidentally, is the same technology combination I used for the newsgroup search engine on, but I digress...). The end result is search results that come back quickly and are actually highly relavent. Perhaps Sybase could sell the solution to Microsoft's MSDN site, which could certainly use it.

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Jack said...

Perhaps someone should take a go at updating the case management / bug reporting section of the web site. It is so slow and cumbersome to submit a bug/enhancement that I bet most people don't bother. Any slight mistake or putting it too much text loses all the work and you have to start again. As for entering a bug description, who can describe a bug in 256 characters.

Maybe the next sample application can address that :-).