Wednesday, March 09, 2016

Recap of PowerBuilder Future Webcast 4

The recording of the 4th webcast (and the previous 3) can be found at:

This webcast was the high level roadmap.  Normal legal disclaimers apply.

  • A solid roadmap that extends several years into the future (covers many releases)
  • More iterative releases (every 9 months)
  • Open betas for specific features (rather that for specific releases)
  • Evaluation copies will still be made available
  • Renewed emphasis on e-learning and online tutorials
  • Reintroduce providing sample applications with the product
High level roadmap
  • Core Desktop
    • Windows 10
    • Native PDF
    • Modernize existing UI (e.g, Rich Text Edit control)
    • Add New UI Controls
    • New DataWindow Features
    • Support for new database features
  • Developer Productivity
    • Get rid of PBL files so that more modern source control systems can be used
    • Command line compiler that is separate from IDE
    • IDE improvements, including improved Intellisense
    • Provide unit testing framework
    • Provide DW Spy with product
  • n-Tier Applications
    • Desktop Cloud apps - based on web services, don't require local database drivers
    • Mobile Cloud apps - native apps that can make use of local resources
    • Adding WCF, REST, OData web services support while still supporting SOAP
    • n-Tier TransFlow - add WCF transaction management to NVOs deployed to IIS - potential EAServer migration path
  • .Net Interop
    • Consume .Net assemblies (visual and non-visual) in PowerBuilder Native
    • Create .Net assemblies (non-visual at minimum, visual depending on customer demand) from PowerBuilder Native
    • C# Datawindow plugin for Visual Studio.Net
    • Plugin for Visual Studio for creation of Universal Windows Platform apps
First release
  • Windows 10 support
  • Native PDF generation
  • Enhanced RTE control
  • Latest DB drivers
  • Mobile Cloud App features
Second Release
  • Modern UI
  • New Graphs
  • JSON support
  • PBL removal
  • CI Complier
  • Testing Framework
  • DW Spy
Third Release
  • Desktop Cloud Apps
  • WCF Services
  • n-Tier TransFlow
  • New Desktop Controls
  • New Mobile Controls
Request for Enhancement system
  • Want to do something similar to what IBM is doing
  • Open to public
  • Voting feature
  • Updates on status of request
How priority for enhancements is determined
  • Benefits
    • Demand
    • Customer Advisory Board
    • Trends in Market
    • Strategic
  • Costs
    • Effort
    • Difficulty
    • Breakage